Fastrack CE Acredited

As of July 2014, CE marking has now become mandatory throughout the EU for construction products – and here at Fastrack Engineering, we dedicated ourselves to achieving the correct CE marking compliance to become CE approved fabricators as early as possible.

The ‘CE’ certification demonstrates that the Fastrack now have the requisite factory production control system in place and fully operational. This verifies compliance with the detailed requirements of:

  • BS EN 1090 – 1 2009
  • BS EN 1090 – 2 2008
  • BS EN ISO 14731 2006
  • BS EN ISO 3834 – 3

Communaute Europeenne (‘CE’ or ‘European Community’) was introduced in 1995 and CE Marking was created to stimulate the free circulation of goods within the European Community by removing barriers created by differing standards in member states.

When applied to any product or equipment it indicates that the manufacturer or its authorised EU representative has declared that the product of equipment compiles with all applicable European Directives.

The new legislation means that for fabricated steelwork, all components are required to be fully traceable to their source. Structural steel manufacturers must show that every component produced meets all declared performance characteristics of the CE marking legislation.

CE Marking is not allowed unless the Factory Production Control (FPC) system under which they are produced has been assessed by a suitable certification body that has been approved to the European Commission.

Steelwork has been divided into four categories for certification and a steelwork contractor may not produce steel in a higher category than it is certified. The categories are:

  • Execution Class 1 – Farm Buildings
  • Execution Class 2 – Buildings
  • Execution Class 3 – Bridges
  • Execution Class 4 – Special structures (e.g. Power Stations)

Fastrack Engineering are very pleased to have achieved compliance of Execution Class 2. Clients & contractors can have full confidence that any steel structures erected will meet up to the required CE approved standards of mechanical resistance, stability, serviceability and durability. By using a CE accredited fabricator like Fastrack Engineering, you can trust that all structural steel fabrications will be to the highest quality.